WatchPack is a MIT-licensed collection of open source components, backed by industry-standard technologies such as Node.js and ElasticSearch, that gives you the capability of letting your customers watch your site for changes. For example, you can integrate into your existing platform the ability to:

  • Send txt messages when your product comes back in stock
  • Email customers when a new car arrives on your lot
  • [Your communication channel] whenever [some activity] happens

And WatchPack is built from the ground-up to adapt into your existing framework. Already have a user database? WatchPack can connect to it. Want to tell WatchPack when your site changes, rather than the default site-crawling? WatchPack can handle that. Want to channel your messages through your email servers? WatchPack was built with you in mind.

And although the solution is open source and designed to run on your servers, WatchPack.com is the enterprise side of the equation to offer custom hosting, dedicated support and paid feature development.

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